Dear learner,

Welcome everyone to this online course on the environmental management of offshore oil and gas activities.

This course is part of a capacity building program in the field of environmental management of oil and gas activities, initiated by the Regional Partnership for the Conservation of the Coastal and Marine Area in West Africa (PRCM) in collaboration with several national partners with the support of the MAVA Foundation.

It was designed to respond to the skills gap that has been observed among stakeholders concerned by the issue in terms of knowledge of environmental phenomena, risks and potential impacts of oil and gas activities on marine ecosystems.

Even as some West African countries such as Senegal and Mauritania are preparing to join the circle of hydrocarbon producing countries, it is more than urgent to respond to this training imperative.

Over the next four weeks, we will explore the five modules on the program for this course. You will learn about marine and coastal ecosystems, the geopolitical issues of hydrocarbons, the typology of petroleum activities and gas, their environmental impacts, their regulatory frameworks and finally on their environmental management tools.

Seasoned teachers and seasoned professionals will accompany you on this learning journey.

Whether you are a student, expert, manager in a technical ministry, actor in civil society, journalist, parliamentarian, local elected representative or member of a socio-professional organization, having taken part in this session, we hope that at the end of training your skills will be strengthened.

I would like to thank on behalf of the PRCM but also on your behalf the technical partners of this training, namely the MASTER GIDEL of the University of Dakar and the GI WACAF project as well as our financial partner the MAVA Foundation.

It only remains for me to wish you a happy learning.

Thank you,